Secure Shell Setup
Secure SHell (SSH) allows you to log in to NetPERLs hosts using top grade security. SSH uses strong encryption to encrypt the entire session between you and the host. Therefore, anything you type at your keyboard is send securely to the remote host, and nobody can steal your password. Well, actually large governments that spend billions of dollars on computers could eavesdrop on your session, but it is hard even for them. The whole process is discussed here.

UNIX users should download the source code for SSH from here and compile it. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with this procedure, please email to be introduced to the wonderfull world of Open Source.

If you are on a Windows or Macintosh system, you can buy SSH or get a free version. A list of available implementations are available here. A popular Windows implementation is TTSSH which requires TeraTerm Pro . The installation instructions are available on the TTSSH site.

Once you have installed SSH, you can log into the NetPERLs hosts by setting the remote hosts to You log in with your regular user name and password.

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