Services is a service business. Our livelyhood depends on satisfied clients. We guarantee to meet your needs at the agreed price.

Websites hosted on are stored and maintained on a NetPERLs Linux server. Websites hosted on can be created from any computing platform - that's one of the great things about Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) - it is largely platform independant. We selected the Linux operating system because it is more stable and faster than other operating systems commonly used for desktop applications. This provides our clients with the best service available and keeps our fees low.

At, hosting options are divided into two main categories:

You get a lot of extras with this low price, including 20 megabytes (MB) of disk storage space. Additional disk space and additional email addresses are available at an incremental charge. All web sites hosted by are on one of our dedicated Linux web servers. NetPERLs' fees for hosting web sites are summarized below.

NetPERLs offers internet marketing assistance for our clients. You've got your page on the web but are you sure that you are reaching your audience? We can help at a very reasonable rate.

NetPERLs also offers web page production services for small to large sites including e-commerce sites.

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